Where are you based out of?

We’re based out of Grayslake - a northern suburb of Illinois - about equal distance from Downtown Chicago and Milwaukee.

What is your turnaround time?

For weddings, we deliver your fully-edited photo gallery within 8 weeks. Couple’s sessions are delivered within 4 weeks. Video is delivered within 8 weeks.

Do we get the RAW images/video footage?

No. We deliver only fully-edited high-resolution digital images and completed films. We feel that the editing stage is nearly half of the creative process, and we don’t believe in sending our couples incomplete work. We promise you’ll get all of the photos and/or video coverage you could possibly handle…we wouldn’t hold back on you!

How do get genuine emotion out of your couples?

We love belly laughs, Eskimo kisses, tight squeezes, and some downright silly faces! In order to capture those genuine moments, we like to get you moving. This means running, piggy-back rides, and maybe even a bit of dancing. Real movement is what allows us to capture those small, in-between moments that are so beautiful. We love it when you get lost in the moment with each other.

How many images do you deliver?

It really depends on the specifics of your wedding but, we typically deliver between 40 - 60 images per hour of shooting.

Do you help your couples create a photography timeline?

Yes, yes, and yes! We want you to get the best photos and video coverage possible, and a lot of that depends on lighting! We’ll chat and send out a questionnaire that helps us get an idea of what you have in mind to start with, and we’ll make suggestions to help curate the perfect day. We’ll continue to help fine-tune your timeline with you until everything makes sense!

What should we wear to our photo session?

We have a style guide we'll send you that is super helpful for deciding how you'll want to dress for our shoot together!